Positive Safety Outcomes lives up to it's name by providing safety consultant services in a positive environment to produce outcomes that make a difference.

Positive Safety Outcomes Vision

The vision for Positive Safety Outcomes is that

Tool Box talk - Workers safety briefing - engagement
  • all activities involving safety should be positive experiences
  • all affected parties are engaged in a meaningful and productive manner
  • safety is highlighted as a way of life
  • outcomes are produced which actually make a difference
  • systems are simple to encourage their use

Our Logo

Saftey and heath

Our logo is reflective of the safety process and demonstrates the journey towards safer work places. The red quadrant indicates systems, behaviours or equipment that is unsafe and unless rectified is likely to result in serious negative consequences.  The orange quadrant represents a workplace where there are deficiencies in safety which unless rectified could result in negative consequences.  The blue represents a business that is in steady state with systems operating well to maintain the status quo.  The green tick represents the positive outcomes that are achieved when employees are fully engaged in proactive safety activities.  Positive Safety Outcomes provides assistance for your business wherever you are on the safety continuum.

Michael Halaby

Michael has had over 18 years successful experience in safety, leadership and training roles in a wide range of industries including mining, construction, transportation (Specifically Rail transport) and manufacturing.  Recent roles include Executive Manager - Safety (TasRail)  and Specialist Advisor - Safety (Rio Tinto Aluminium).  In addition, he has had over 20 years successful experience in an educational environment which has provided him with a great understanding of how people learn and fostered his enthusiasm and passion for behavioural safety programs.  Michael is based in Launceston, Tasmania but is happy to offer services in all areas of Australia.

Skills, Knowledge and Qualifications

Michael's Qualifications

Michael Halaby - safety Consultant
  • Bachelor of Education (Upper 2nd Honours) - 1981
  • Workplace Trainer Category 2 - 1998
  • Training and assessment - Certificate 4 - 2002
  • TapRoot Incident Investigation Trainer - 2004
  • Diploma Frontline Leaders Development Program - 2005
  • Internal Auditing of Management Systems Certificate - 2003

Key Skills and Capabilities

  • Development and implementation of Safety Management Systems
  • Safety leadership and safety culture development
  • Highly developed strategic and operational risk management skills
  • Work health and safety observation skills
  • A key understanding of the principles of behavioural safety
  • Successful auditing experience in a range of industries
  • Excellent communication skills at all levels of the organisation
  • Strong written communication skills for reports, policy, standard and procedure development
  • Conflict resolution skills